Find a Doctor in New York

Looking for reviews, directions and profile information of local physicians in New York? We list New York physicians such as medical doctors, dentists and chiropractors in our database and provide contact information as well as patient feedback. Just pick a category below to start finding doctors in your area:

How to find a doctor in New York
  • Medical Doctors
    This includes your family physician and all general medical treatments such as check ups, vaccinations and blood work. If you do not need a specialist as listed below, you will find the right doctor here.

  • Dentists
    This includes dentists that treat general dental problems like root canals and cavaties, but also specialists like orthodontists and periodontists.

  • Osteopaths
    Medical physicians specialized in problems that affect the musculoskeletal system.

  • Chiropractors
    Similar to osteopaths, chiropracters focus on treating problems the muscoloskeletal system, especially those affecting the spine. Chiropractic treatments also include manual therapy of joints and soft body tissue.

  • Optometrists
    Everything related to your eyes, eye examinations and optical aids.

  • Podiatrists
    Treatments related to your leg, foot and ankle. This often includes sports medicine.

  • Misc. Doctors
    A list of psychologists and other physicians that did not fit in the above categories.

Choosing the right physician for your needs

Being a kid was really easy, we never had a problem choosíng the right doctor, our parents always knew where to go. While growing up we probably still asked our parents for a recommendation. But now as an adult, we have to figure out which physician to pick on our own. So how do you find the right physician?

Most people choose their doctor by asking around. Family, friends or neighbors are always good for advice. However, there might be more aspects that need to be considered: Doctor's hours, educational background, is the doctor working with every health insurance network, zip code and many more.

Here are some suggestions that might help you to find the right physician:

  • You should find a doctor and establish a relationship while you are in good health, so you don't have to hastily pick any doctor when you get a cold or something more serious.

  • Do you have special medical needs, such as cardiac problems or diabetes, or do you just need routine checkups? General health problems can be treated by your family doctor, for specific problems you might want to consider a specialist (see below)

  • If you already have a family doctor and need a specialist, ask if he has a list of possible experts that are close to their practice.

  • Review the list of doctors in your health plan. Consider their location as well as their hospital affiliations. You may want to double-check your health plan's list with a top doctors list for your area.

  • If you're uninsured, you may be able to negotiate with a doctor and agree on a reduced fee, but remember that you will also be responsible for the cost of lab tests, blood work, x-rays, procedures and medications. These costs are more likely to be covered or charged on a sliding scale at a community health center or hospital clinic.

To do the research is important to find the right match for you. The relationship with your physician is one of the most important relationships you're ever going to have — you need to feel completely comfortable.

Featured New York physicians

Donald W Fornes
9600 Main St Ste 1
Clarence, NY 14031
Phone: (716) 759-6181
Dwight L Hershman
655 Branch Blvd
Cedarhurst, NY 11516
Phone: (516) 569-2868
Kroll Yale
800 5th Ave
New York, NY 10065
Phone: (212) 755-0353